Rabbitgoo Safety Pet Nail Clippers

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Rabbitgoo Pet Nail Clippers & File Set - Get the Neatly Trimmed Nails Easily!

Therefore, for dogs that can't grind their own nails and don't leave the house for long periods of time, it's time to clip their nails regularly with a professional nail grooming tool.

  • ✔Durable&Sturdy Materials: Made of high-quality stainless steel blades and rubber handles.
  • ✔Easy & Safe to Use: The spring-load design and safety locking clip enables a quick&safe trimming.
  • ✔Universal Fit: Suitable for most different-sized dogs, cats, rabbits, or small animals.
  • ✔Convenient for Store & Carry: Light, small, and portable to fold up and store anywhere. 


Safety Locking Clip
Safety locking part to fix cutting blades and keep safe storage after use. Push the handle together to release.
Precision-ground Blades & Stop Guard
The rounded corners on the top of the stainless steel scissors enable quick and accurate cutting. The blade block prevents overcutting nails and injury to your pets.
Equipped Nail File
The file helps you make rounded front polish after cutting, with which you can remove agnail and leave your pet's nails neat. 

Cutting Method: 
1. Hold the paw still, then apply the clipper to cut the nails gently and carefully.
2. Cut the nails in the position as the right image showed, avoid cutting your pet's vessels or nerves. Please use the proper hemostatic to staunch bleeding in case you cut the vessels accidentally.
3. It is not easy to see the blood vessel line of dark nails. You are recommended to trim the curved part little by little, and then slowly sharpen with the file.
4. Smooth the edges with a nail file finally.