Step-in Soft Mesh Harness for Small Dog

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Rabbitgoo Small Step-in Mesh Dog Harness -Be Free to adventure.

Dogs always enjoy experiencing great nature. It is important to have a suitable and safe dog harness to control your puppy for daily walking, training, hiking or all kinds of outdoor activities. If you want to search an escape proof dog harness for your small medium dog, our rabbitgoo Small Dog Vest Harness is proudly designed for the kinds of small medium dogs.

Our rabbitgoo Air Mesh Dog Harness not only has multiple security features to ensure safety walking or training on daily using, but also the air mesh lightweight harness gives your dog a comfortable experience while wearing. This escape proof dog harness is designed for almost small medium dogs, which fit dog's body well with 4 adjustable straps on two-side. So you are able to control dog behavior better. Your dog will enjoy nature with the harness all day.

Rabbitgoo Small Dog Harness - Breathable Air Mesh Material

Your Rabbitgoo soft dog harness is crafted of air mesh fabric with breathable, lightweight, cool features. Let your baby dog enjoy nature freely!

  • The padded mesh fabric is soft enough, which provides superb skin protection for your puppy
  • The air mesh material allows good air circulation, which dries quickly and is ideal for all types of weather
  • The lightweight feature would keep your dog in ultimate comfort while exercising, walking

Rabbitgoo Small Dog Harness - Better Control with 4 adjustable Straps on Two Sides

Your Rabbitgoo no pull dog harness is designed with two-sided freely adjustable straps. Support confident control for you and your puppy!

  • The adjustable dog harness with 4 flexible adjustments on two sides allow adjusting a better fit for various dogs' shapes.
  • It is not only able to distribute and ease the pulling pressure across 4 direction straps to prevent your puppy's choking or neck strain, but also concentrate the pulling force of the whole body for an escape-proof effect.

*** Please keep the straps closer to the harness for escape-proof effect.

Rabbitgoo Small Dog Harness - Easy Wearing with Magic Tape and Buckle

Your Rabbitgoo step-in dog harness is designed with adjustable magic tape and a quick-release buckle. Let your puppy go on an adventure right now!

  • The magic tape on the back makes the harness easy for merging and detachment. It's also flexible to adjust the harness to fit your dog well.
  • The fast-release buckle is designed to connect double D-rings quickly, which also secures safety for daily leash controlling.

*** Please keep the edges of the two sides paralleled with each other.

More Details You Would Like to Know about Rabbitgoo Small Dog Harness

1. Reflective Dog Harness
The strip on the harness is bright in low visible condition. Just to go walking even at night!
2. Metal Triangle Connector
The straps on the harness are combined with the triangle connector, which is tear-resistant, and more durable.
3. Double Metal D-rings
Double D-rings design ensures the safety of leash control, adds the effect of escape-proof.
4. Adjustable 4 Straps
The 4 adjustable straps on two sides not only help to fit for various body shape, but also offers better control of the whole body.

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Step-in Soft Mesh Harness for Small Dog
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