Rabbitgoo Privacy & Non-Adhesive Static Cling 3D Glass Film

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Brighten up your home with Rabbitgoo Frosted Privacy Window Film – Nice privacy protection blurs unwanted views, simple frosting white decorates your place, static cling to the surface without glue for extra safety and convenience, simple peel-and-stick installation, easy to remove and re-apply for multiple times.

Package Included: 1 x Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film Roll (35.4" x 78.7", 90 x 200 cm)


Why Us: 

  • ✔ Privacy Protection: With the high privacy level ★★★★☆, this window film could provide great privacy for your home and give you a personal room in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, and so on. (Great Privacy Protection, Applicable For Most Cases)
  • ✔ Beautiful Pattern Beautify Your Home: Want to refresh your home? Let’s start with the windows! With the charming pattern, this window film could really decorate your home greatly
  • ✔ Static Cling & Easy Application: This window film is applied by static cling, without any sticky and chemical glues and adhesives. You could easily install it in the window with some water. Let’s start to enjoy the fun of DIY now

  • ✔ Removable & Reusable: The window film could be easily removed without any glue or residues, and can be applied again and again. No more worries about the ugly adhesives on the window
  • ✔ Natural Light In With Little UV Rays: This wind film can effectively reject 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays to protect your skin and the furniture from fading. Meanwhile, it helps to soften the strong sunlight and allow the natural light in. A really perfect and affordable alternative to strong curtains and blinds in the summer


Installation Instructions:

  1. Clean the target surface thoroughly. The film works only on flat, clean, and smooth surfaces.
  2. Measure the surface and cut the film. Leave an extra inch margin on each side for an easy adjustment.
  3. Prepare enough diluted soapy water in a spray bottle.
  4. Spray the surface with soapy water. Peel off the transparent backing film along a short side.
  5. Install the film onto the window.
  6. Use the squeegee to remove excess water and any bubbles whist applying the film. Wipe off the water using the towel.
  7. Trim off the margins. Here you go! 


  • When applying in cold weather: before installation, blow hot air to the film using a hairdryer to soften the film up (Heat Resistant up to 176℉)
  • Affix a tape on a corner of the backside (the smooth side) to quickly remove the backing film.

 *Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces