Rabbitgoo Non-Adhesive Bamboo Decorative Window Films

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Color your home with Rabbitgoo 3D Static Cling Window Film – beautiful bamboo patterns decorate your place, static cling to the surface without glue for extra safety and convenience, simple peel-and-stick installation, easy to remove and re-apply for multiple times. 


  • NO ADHESIVE: Glue free privacy glass film cuts down chemical release, static cling to the surface, peel, and stick, applies in minutes
  • EASY REMOVAL: Removable window sticker leaves no residue upon removal, can be reused multiple times
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Patterned window cling has wide applications for sliding door, office windows, sidelight, kitchen cabinet, garage door, etc

  • UV PREVENTION & ENERGY SAVING: Heat-control window vinyl film retains heat in winter comfort and keeps it out in summer, cuts your energy bills, blocks 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays
  • PRIVACY PROTECTION: Semi-private decorative window film blurs unwanted views while brightening the room with soft natural lights. Privacy Level :★★★☆☆ (protects your privacy but not recommended for bathroom application)

Rabbitgoo HOME WINDOW FILM: It's more than a simple window sheet.

1. Totally Reusable, Fantastic Eco Choice
Removable glass sticker leaves no residue on the glass. You can re-position & reuse it after years, ideal for rental places!
2. Enjoy More Comfortable Light
This window privacy covering can diffuse direct sunlight to prevents glares so that you can work and study under softened sunshine.
3. Decorate Wherever You Want
Use your multipurpose window cling in your living room, kitchen, office, etc. Stick it to your sliding doors, kitchen cabinets, mirrors, and much more!

Some useful tips for you:

  • When applying in cold weather: before installation, blow hot air to the film using a hairdryer to soften the film up (Heat Resistant up to 176℉)
  • The film works only on flat, clean, and smooth surfaces.
  • Affix a tape on a corner of the backside (the smooth side) to quickly remove the backing film.

*Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces