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Rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post 17" with Platforms and Hanging Toys

Cat Scratching Post

rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post 17" with Platforms and Hanging Toys - Scratching Has Never Been This Fun!

Rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post Tower beautifully combines a sisal-secured post, an elevated perch, and a couple of furry balls together to fulfill the purr necessities - scratching, climbing, snoozing, and playing. It takes good care of your cat's born instincts, promoting both physical and mental health. Designed with a feline's lifestyle in mind, this scratch post will certainly be your four-legged friend's favorite spot to spend a lot of time exploring.

Crafted of premium materials and built with solid structure, this cat post is safe and durable for your cat to fully release the scratching urge or to showcase the climbing skill. The thick base board is strengthened to prevent wobbling for added stability.

This pretty piece of cat stand delivers a minimalistcontemporary tone to fit into your room decor seamlessly. By placing it near the place where your cat tends to scratch, this cat scratcher will not only become a unique addition to your space but also serves as a protector of your furniture.

All necessary assembly parts and complete user manual included. It only takes three simple steps to set up the cat post and your curious kitten can start to explore in no time!

Package Includes:

  • 1x Cat Scratching Post; Measuring 15.7" L x 15.7" W x 16.9" H (40 x 40 x 43 cm)
  • 1x Installation Manual
  • 1x Set of Tools and Parts




Kitten Climbing Pole for Play

Why Scratching and Having A Scratching Post Matter: Allow Good Self-care of Claws

Scratching is the best way to keep cats' claws in a healthy condition. Cats scratch to slough off the old nail layers, so fresh ones can grow healthily. Allowing kittens to scratch rather than cutting their nails is significant, as improper declawing may lead to pain in paws, infection, or even injuries.

Your born scratch-lover now can enjoy a nail salon whenever needed with this indoor cat scratcher. The robust, non-toxic sisal fabric can stand up to a lot of scratching, ensuring every scratch is safe and satisfying.




Rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post - Your Cat's Favorite Outlet for Scratching and Body Conditioning.

Cat Claw Scratcher for Indoor Large Cats

Cats won't stop scratching, so we want this instinctive craving to be fulfilled safely and easily for your house cat. With the allure of textured natural sisal, your cat will find this routine even more exhilarating!

  • The sisal ropes are made to last under serious use and work just as an outside tree bark - which is what outdoor cats tend to use for scratching.

Rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post - We Care About Quality, Just Like You Care About Your Feline.

Small Cat Tree with Reliable Particle Boards

Cat Scratch Post with Strong Sisal Post

Cat Scratch Post with Soft Plush Covering

Reliable Particle Boards

The base and top perch are both made of high-density particle boards for superior stability and durability. With its sturdy construction, your frisky little kitty can play safely on this cat post.

  • Each platform will hold up well up to 110 lbs. Suitable for small to large cats of all ages.

Strong Sisal Post

The central pole is securely wrapped with natural sisal ropes to satisfy your feline's daily scratching habit. The sisal fabric also naturally entices your curious kid to exercise the scratching skill on it.

  • The sisal is known for its good resistance to wear, which can support intensive use.

Soft Plush Covering

The platform surface is covered with plushy faux fur to enhance the comfort, allowing your sensitive baby to knead into the paws-approved softness and snug feeling on winter days.

  • 100% non-toxic material safe to animals and humans alike. Easy to wipe clean.

Rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post - More Than A Simple Scratcher.

Cat Scratch Post with Plush Perch

Instead of a plain scratcher, this 3-in-1 post features a round perch for your cat to take a lazy nap after completing a self "manicure".

It also allows for jumping and climbing when your cat needs to let go of some extra energy.

Rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post - A Happy Kitten Needs Entertainment.

Cat Scratch Post 17" for Large Small Cat

Another fun addition to a feline's day! The two balls make the post not only a scratching tool but also a lovely toy, delivering more mental stimulation for your indoor cat.

  • Some cats may be too timid to enjoy their new scratcher - these furballs can attract your cautious kitty to it, helping him/her get familiar with the scratching post faster.

Rabbitgoo Cat Scratching Post - Safety Comes First, So Toppling Over Is Never An Option.

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