Pet Hair Remover Roller

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Rabbitgoo Pet Hair Remover Roller---The Best Solution for Quickly and Easily Removing Pet Hair!

Double-sided Brushes, Static Cling Design

Large Hair Receptacle

Fit For Many Occasions

A Hole for Extra Storage

For anyone who's ever owned dogs or cats, you can understand that the dogs or cats are amazing, but the fur shed is just a nightmare. They stay in your house and you are constantly washing and using all sorts of lint rollers. 

Wondering which is the best way to clean up unwanted pet hair?

Rabbitgoo Pet Hair Remover Roller is the real deal, it's literally transformed your couch and bed from a fur nightmare to a dream. If you're on the borderline, try it out!

This pet lint remover picks up the pet hair by the double-sided brushes within seconds. It is super easy to use and clean---just pick up hair and empty it out. The new lint roller features design beneficial to the environment---without sticky papers changed or any electricity required.

What You Get: Rabbitgoo Pet Hair Remover Roller x 1

Rabbitgoo Pet Hair Remover Roller works better than your average tape lint roller (and you aren't wasting resources!) and even works better than your vacuum cleaner at picking up pet hair. Please try it, you will know how successful it can be and will never need another pet hair remover - ever!

Key Features:
1. The brushes are made of tiny nylon-fiber bristles and rubber squeegee. They help to capture the hair all around by static cling.
2. The pet hair remover picks up hair in this large compartment. You just need to open the lid and empty the hair out, then a new lint roller could be used again!
3. Cleanup pet hair on your sofas, bedding, couches, carpets, clothing, car seats, cat bed, and other surfaces. Rabbitgoo pet fur and lint remover will create a hair-less house for you.
4. Besides the comfortable handle design, there is a hole for hanging to any wall hooks.

1. Not suitable for cleaning the following materials and surface
Smooth and hard surface(wood flooring, concrete, etc.)
Extremely thin-piled carpet
Wet surface(surface with water or oil on it)
Wet litter
2. Use a soft towel that is soaked with water or synthetic detergent to clean the brush surface
3. Please note that you should not wash the brush surface directly with water.