Frosted Light Blocker Glass Covering

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Rabbitgoo Blackout Window Film—Give You Privacy&Light-Blocking All Day Long


  •  Block All Lights: This film can block out all lights and make your room looks like the middle of the night
  • TOP Privacy Protection Level: Effectively reject views from outside
  • Glue Free: Static cling to the surface without glue for extra safety and convenience
  • UV Protection: Say goodbye to 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays that may hurt your skin


  • The instruction manual is sealed together with the film roll.
  • The window film works only on FLAT, CLEAN, and SMOOTH surfaces. (It may not stick well on surfaces that are uneven or broken. It also will not work on plastic surfaces.)N
  • Note: Please do not apply the film to the windows that are directly exposed to strong sunlight in summer or under high temperature, as the heat might cause cracking.

 Package Include: 1 x Rabbitgoo Privacy Frosted Window Film Roll


  • ✔ EXCELLENT PRIVACY PROTECTION: With Top Privacy Level: ★★★★★, the frosted glass film blocks unwanted views from outside and no one can see in, ensuring that your private space is well protected. ***Note: Please do not apply the film to the windows that are directly exposed to strong sunlight in summer or under high temperature, as the heat might cause cracking
  • ✔ LIGHT BLOCKING & UV REJECTION: Light-blocking, anti-glare, and super suitable for day sleep, shift workers, and baby nursery. Blocks out 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays, protecting your skin from sunlight exposure and reducing the fading of the furniture

  • ✔ NO MORE GLUE HASSLE: Say goodbye to sticky toxic chemical glue - the privacy window film is super static cling and can be applied in minutes once the protective backing film removed and enough water used; Enjoy the fun of DIY
  • ✔ ECONOMICAL & EASY APPLICATION: No more heavy troublesome curtains or blinds, the high-quality window privacy film helps decorate your space at a minimum cost, you can easily apply it on windows at your home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more, instantly making your windows look high end
  • ✔ INSTALLATION TIPS: ★Before installation, please make sure the window surface, edges, and corners are clean enough without any dust; ★During installation, please spray a lot of water both on the window surface and window film back for effective attachment; ★After installation, please trim the margins and leave enough edge gaps to squeeze out air bubbles easily


Key Benefits:

  1. Rabbitgoo blackout window films are perfect for you if you are tired Of intense light. They provide TOP level privacy and they are also capable of blocking out 96% of UV rays, keep your furniture away from the damaging sun lights.
  2. They are simple in design but not flashy, can be used in more formal settings showing your good taste. Create a professional look for offices and can be removed without leaving any trace.
  3. The glue-free feature cuts down chemical release drastically. We believe that you don't want your film that is heated by the sun every day to contain any glue.
  4. Easy to apply and risk-free purchase (30 Days Return Policy Guarantee Against)

Any Product Defects) Guarantee You Will Have A Perfect Shopping Experience.

*Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces