38" Cat Tower with Adjustable Base for Indoor Cats

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Rabbitgoo Adjustable Cat Trees and Towers with Condo 38 inches - A Piece of Art for Both Cat Parents and Their Furballs.

Rabbitgoo Adjustable Cat Tree Tower is designed to expand purring possibilities from lounging, meditating and napping, to climbing, scratching, and hunting. No matter your feline wants to showcase the climbing skill, take a complete nail salon, or simply curl up inside the private apartment, this multi-purpose cat tower will pander to your cutie's every little desire and natural instinct without delay!

Discover the latest design! This cat tree features a uniquely flexible base - you can adjust it to change its structure and switch between different ones, depending on where you want to place it and how your kitty would like to enjoy it. It not only helps you make the best use of your cat tower but also brings your curious kitten some different experiences. What's more exciting, the tasteful design combined with minimalist looking makes this cat tree also a beautiful addition to your room decor, enriching your home interior with a fine piece of modern cat furniture.

The excellent workmanship combined with premium materials makes sure that this cat tree is safe to use both for your and your little lion. The thickened CARB-certified particle boards and the strengthened supporting posts clearly speak to its stability and sturdiness. Plus the premium faux fur fabric throughout is soft to the touch and absolutely gentle for nuzzling and face rubbing.

Not a DIY expert? No worries! The cat tree comes with a detailed user manual and graphic instructions to support you step-by-step. A complete assembly set including all necessary parts and tools is provided for easy set-up. We also provide an extra wall-anchor strap for you to firmly link the cat tree onto the wall, which further enhances the safety of your active furry kid.

Package includes:

  • 1x Cat Tree Tower; Dimensions - 19.6" L x 17.7” W x 38.1" H (50 x 45 x 97cm)
  • 1x Installation Manual
  • 1x Assembly Tool Set, including Anti-toppling Device

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower - Your Cat's Favorite Spot to Spend Feline Days.

An average cat snoozes and sleeps up to 16 hours a day, so it's significant for cat parents to offer their furry members a cozy place to rest and recharge.

  • The extra-large top platform offers ample space for your sweetie to sprawl out and to enjoy a bird view of all the goings-on.
  • Your cat will feel hugged when napping in the fuzzy hanging cradle.
  • The secure cat cave will become another safe heaven for your shy kitty to hide in privacy and savor the quiet solitude.

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower - Innovative Design Lifts Your Cat Castle to A Brand New Level.

To better tailor to the unique needs of you and your furry roommate, we upgrade to an adjustable base for easy transformation.

  • You can change how the cat tree looks and how your cat could experience it, according to your interior decoration needs and the quick-changing preference of your fickle cat.
  • ▶ A Cat-owned Play & Rest Heaven: Welcome your felines into this versatile go-to spot that they can never get enough of! Your energetic kitty can patrol the kingdom by climbing or jumping through platforms, embrace the natural urge of scratching onto the sisal strands and respond to the call of the wild by fighting with the fluffy balls. When lazy hours come, your little one can soak up some sunbeams when lounging up high on large perch, or drifts off into sweet dreamland inside the cozy condo
  • ▶ Move Closer to Feline's Needs: Your nature climber will get enough exercise when touring around this 3-tier cat castle. The well-cushioned perch allows your curious cat to stretch out while keeping eyes on the surroundings. The sisal-wrapped posts make the tree a dedicated outlet (not your furniture anymore!) for scratching and sharpening claws. After releasing energy on the scratcher and teasing toys, your cat can sink into a restorative sleep inside the warm condo or the cozy cradle
  • ▶ Innovative Adjustable Design: This unique cat tree features an adjustable base for you to change its configuration and find the best way to enjoy it. You can customize it to match your feline's unique personality or use preferences. This design also allows the tree to better fit into various room layouts. Whether you use it to delight your bedroom corner or showcase it in the middle of your living room, its flexibility will surely meet all functional and decorative purposes
  • ▶ Solidly Built with Superior Materials: This sturdy cat tree is crafted of certified P2 particle boards which are known for good strength and durability. Incorporated scratching posts are securely wrapped with natural sisal ropes, which are made to last to support your cat's daily scratching practice. The plushy faux fur cover invites your cat to lay down for a nap with just-right comfort and warmth. Both baseplates are thickened for added stability to avoid wobbling or toppling over
  • ▶ Ultimate Indoor Cat Funiture: Overall dimension - 19.6" L x 17.7” W x 38.1" H (50x45x97cm). A DIY-friendly cat tree with detailed graphic installation instructions. Connect the cat tree to the wall using provided anti-toppling strap if needed. This simple, modern cat tower will blend beautifully into all kinds of interior decor, refreshing your personal space with a dash of elegance. A pleasing addition to both your home and your feline's life! Ready to be appreciated by lots of purrs?

Package Dimensions: 20.0 x 20.0 x 6.8 inches