Removable Opaque Sun Blocking Window Film

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Rabbitgoo Privacy&Frosted Window Film With New Grid Design

This window film provides spaced grid backing and instructions, you can cut to the size and shape you want. Monolingual language instructions assist you install it perfectly.

·What features does the privacy window film have?

  • Spaced Grid Backing: The protective backing film is printed with spaced grid backing for easy cutting and clipping, facilitating the way you install the film.
  • Excellent Privacy Protection: With the protection of top privacy level, the film can block curious views from people, and helps to create a personal and private room for you, no matter where you are- in the office, bathroom, bedroom, living room and so on.
  • UV Rejection&Soft Natural Light: This window sticker can reject 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays, brings soft and natural sunlight in, especially in hot summer when the strong sunlight would cause invisible damage to people and furniture.
  • Static Cling Design: This make it impossible for the film to be re-used again and again, without any glues or adhesives.

Package Include: 1 x Rabbitgoo Privacy Frosted Window Film Roll (17.5" x 78.7", 44.5 x 200 cm)

Installation Instructions:

  • 1. Measure the surface and cut the film. Leave an extra inch margin each side for an easy adjustment.
  • 2. Clean the target surface thoroughly and make sure the surface is clean enough without any dust.
  • 3. Peel off the transparent backing film along a short side. (Very Important!!!)
  • 4. Spray a lot of water or soapy water both on the smooth side of the window film and the window, then install the window film onto the window.
  • 5. Use the soft towel or squeegee to wipe the film back and forth to make sure that the bubbles and water have been totally removed.
  • 6. Trim off the margins and use a cloth to flatten out the film. Here you go!

How to Peel Off the Clear Backing Film:

  • Method 1 - Wet a corner of the film and twist it for a while to loosen the attachment between the window film and the backing film;
  • Method 2 - Attach two pieces of scotch tape to both sides of the window film corner. Separate the clear backing film from the window film by peeling off the tapes.


  • Detailed installation instruction is both printed on the inside of the Rabbitgoo box and the back of the window film backing.
  • The window film works only on flat, clean, and smooth surfaces. It will not stick on plastic, broken or uneven surfaces.
  • Do not suggest installing the window film on a double-pane window that will be exposed to the strong sunlight for a long time

Three Shinning Points

1. Easily Removed&Totally Reusable
It can be easily removed without any residue left, and you can reposition and re-apply it multiple times.
2. Protect Your Privacy Anywhere You Want
You can apply this frosted window film to the office, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and so on.
3. Enjoy More Comfortable Light In Summer
This window privacy covering will diffuse direct sunlight to prevents glares to give you softened sunshine.