Rabbitgoo Dog Car Net Barrier

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Rabbitgoo Pet Net Barrier—Keep Safe & Keep Clean

● Do you have a naughty pet or kid that always gets so excited for car rides?

He or she always tries to get in the front seat. Since you always worry about their safety, going anywhere with her/him becomes a big headache.

Rabbitgoo net barrier is just what you are looking for and will help you solve your problem!

  • With this barrier, he/she realizes that he/she could not break into the front seat and will stay quiet in the backseat. Then you can focus and keep on driving safely in the meantime.
  • The barrier also features a storage mesh that is used for daily necessities (folding umbrellas, tissue boxes, bottles, books, toys, etc). You don't even have to worry about the tidiness of the car interior! 

A Really Nice Dog Car Travel Accessory! - It features:

  • Durable&Sturdy Materials: Made of high-quality bungee cords and rust-proof metal hooks.
  • Resilient Net Pocket: Adopts thickened polyester fiber with strong flexibility and adds extra storage.
  • Universal Fit: This adjustable barrier is large enough to fit most cars, SUV, vehicles. [Lenth: 15.55"-27.90"; Width: 13.98"-25.20"]
  • Quick to Assemble: Easy to install and remove, portable to fold up, and store anywhere. 

***Please note the item doesn't work for the car without exposed bars on the headrests or loops under the seats. 

Installation Instruction: 

1. Unfold: Find the opening of the storage net at the top. 

2. Clip: Clip the two large hooks to the outside bars of the headrest, with the opening of the storage net facing upwards. 

3. Stretch: Stretch the net down and clip the two small hooks to the bottom of the seat

4. Completed: Then you can put your dog's toys or other stuff inside the storage net and enjoy your journey! 

***Please note the item doesn't work for the car without exposed bars on the headrests or loops under the seats.