Whether the Dog Is Good or Bad for Baby

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Whether the Dog Is Good or Bad for  Baby

Many people want to find a furry friend for their kids, but they also hesitate that if the kids will be affected negatively by the pets. Well, this is a common question, and let's discuss today.

In my opinion, raising a pet like a dog is good for the baby's growth.

1. From a medical point of view, many experimental results indicate that children with pets from a small family have a much lower rate of asthma and other allergic diseases than children without pets. The ability is significantly stronger than that of children without pets. Parents don't have to worry about the bacterial viruses problem at all. Of course, they still need to give their dog a regular bath, vaccination and insect repellent.

Whether the dog is good or bad for the baby

2. Children can develop a sense of responsibility for dogs. Parents need to let the children understand that keeping a small pet is a long-term job. The dog is not like a toy that is free to play and discard. Once you decide to keep a pet, you should treat it as a part of your family and love him or her forever. Appropriately allocate some pet care work for them. You can make the kids take charge of put the dog food into the dog feeder on time. Or you can walk the dog with the kid and sometimes let the kid hold the leash that attached to the dog harness when the dog is small enough, and you need to take care of both the kid and dog. In addition to the pet as a partner of their own play, they participate in the actual care like washing the dog with dog grooming tools which the children gradually develop responsibility for things in the process of living with pets.

Whether the dog is good or bad for the baby

3, Dogs can make children learn to respect life. Pets provide opportunities for children to get in touch with nature, giving their children a vivid education course. And children can learn how a creature grows up. Living with the pet, the child knows how to respect life. They can truly understand that animals like human beings have joys and sorrows, and they are afraid of loneliness either. They also need people's care and love. When children have such feelings, they will learn the meaning of sympathy and love, and not attack anyone easily.

4, Dogs are good partners of children, especially for families with only children. Pets become the secret recipients and sharing inner feelings of children. There are many children who will play role-playing with pets, imitating the parents’ behavior and reaction in everything, so as to exercise their imagination and ability to analyze things.

Whether the dog is good or bad for the baby

5, Dogs bring great fun to the family. Many childcare experts believe that pets as a child’s growing partner can cultivate children’s love and enhance their sense of responsibility, and pets will help families have good communication. Parents and children can increase their communication opportunities in raising a pet. Parents intend to be more aware of the child's inner thoughts and help maintain parent-child relationships. The presence of pets, it is also possible to continue to influence every family member with the joy of life.