These Movie Theaters are Now Offering Dog-Friendly Screenings around the World

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These Movie Theaters are Now Offering Dog-Friendly Screenings around the World

The movies are going to the dogs... in this case, quite literally. Gone are the days when had to leave your furry, four-legged best friend at home whenever you were going to the movies; There are some dog-friendly movie theaters around the world that accept our furry best friends since 2018, so all your dog has to do is sit, stay, and watch whenever you want to see a new flick.

These Movie Theaters are Now Offering Dog-Friendly Screenings around the World

Imagine sitting in a movie theater sandwiched between dogs. While you're snacking on popcorn, Fido has his face immersed almost totally in his dog bowl. It's like a scene from a movie... except that it's not. It's real life. And you're at the movies. It's the dream, right? At some movie theaters, both in the US and abroad, it is sometimes totally acceptable and welcomed to bring your dog as your date to the latest blockbuster. In many ways, this is like a dog park. There could be some light socializing between new dog friends. There could be about 100 water breaks. Anything could happen!

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Relax into your cushy chair because you're not going to have to worry about your dog barking and disrupting the movie for everyone. A bark could very well be a dog laugh or a dog cry depending on the movie you're watching with your pup! Either way, it's a dog emoting and that's what movies make us do. Especially if it's a movie that involves a dog — animated or not.
Pack your treats and head to the movies!

The Cameo, Edinburgh, Scotland

Are you not also squealing?! Dogs! With blankets! In a movie theater! I know we see dogs on the street every day. But in a movie theater? Nay! The Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh, Scotland invited pups to enjoy a viewing of Anderson's new film Isle of Dogs in Mar. 2018. For treats, The Guardian reports, "biscuits and dried pig ears will be brought out from bags." The next dog-friendly viewings will be held on Apr. 1 and Apr. 2. Ruff life!

Picturehouse Central, London, England

Already saw the Isle of Dogs and want to catch something else with your puppy? Picturehouse Central in London is known for having dog-friendly screenings. Unfortunately, you can't just take your doggo with you to the movies whenever you want, but there are dog-friendly screenings that you can check out from time to time.

The Roxie Theater, San Francisco, California

I am not crying, you're crying! Who cries at a tweet?! Me, apparently. Bring your dog to the Roxie Theater in San Francisco on Apr. 29 and the proceeds from your puppy's ticket will go to saving a senior dog. Movies, theater snacks, good dogs and good deeds all in a single event? Be right back, I'm booking my dogs and me a trip to California.

Sie Film Center, Denver, Colorado

Your doggo better start earning their allowance by sitting and staying and high-fiving. Sie Film Center in Denver, Colorado will be hosting a dog-friendly screening of Isle of Dogs for $5 a pup. Human tickets will be regularly priced. And because the film center knows what's up, the lights will be dimmed and the sound will not be blasting like this is Jul. 4 all over again. We know how much dogs hate that. Bonus: a portion of ticket sales will be donated to MaxFund, an animal adoption center. And now I'm crying again.

Eat See Hear Outdoor Screenings, Los Angeles, California

Guys, at this point you have gathered that I feel as though dogs are the best. They may sometimes poop on your rug and bark when you're on the phone. But they will perk up their ears and curl into your lap to make you happy and not even expect a treat out of it. That's unconditional love. At EatSeeHear, an outdoor movie theater in Los Angeles, CA dogs are welcomed to screenings all the time. And they're offered biscuits at the door. Oh yeah, and don't sweat it if your doggo has to go during the movie. There are extra doggie bags should you need to take care of a ~situation~ with zero judgment.
If you're not in the Los Angeles area, call your local outdoor movie theater to see if they accommodate dogs so going to the movies can really be a complete family outing.
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