How Do You Get Rid Of Dog Bad Breath?

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How Do You Get Rid Of Dog Bad Breath?

If you have dogs, your life will full of fun! ~ Hey, presumably you love your dog very much! But do you have noticed that the dog sometimes is smelly, and you are in trouble to solve the bad breath?


How to deal with bad breath

To understand the cause of bad breath firstly, and you can suit the remedy to the case! If it is because of poor digestion, you can try to give the dog a digestive yeast (milky sap), and there are some dog snacks like dog cookies specifically for deodorizing Stinky, which can help the dog's stomach to digested food well. Alternatively, you can feed the dog with green tea. You can put a pack of green tea into 500ML water for 5-8 minutes, then discard the tea bag. Then feed the dog with the tea no more than twice a week. It can also help to solve the problem effectively.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dog Bad Breath

On the other hand, bad breath can be caused by the tartar cleaning problem. The tooth problem includes two situations, one is that the deciduous teeth cannot fall off and a backlog of tartar and dental bacteria. Another one is that the owner does not clean the teeth of the dog regularly, leading your dog a bad smell.

To clean a dog's teeth, you can also use a cleaning-tooth bone (stick). It is a mistake to throw the cleaning-tooth bone to the dog because the dog will chew and swallow it in minutes. The owner should feed the dog by hand, and let the dog's front teeth and back molar all bite the bone so that the clean bone can make the best use of it. Or you can try to use some dog chew toys like natural rubber dog toothbrushes to clean the dog teeth.

Deal with dog body odor

Some dogs have a natural body odor, this is no way, so bear with me! But in most cases, the body odor may the result of that the dog has not bathed for a long time. First of all, it's necessary to find the source of the taste of the dog:

how do you get rid of dog's bad breath?

1. Check the dog's ears

Regularly take care and check the ears. It may be caused by deafness or otitis media. You need to clean the ear canal with a cotton swab and anti-spasm or anti-inflammatory drugs that are sold in pet shops or hospitals.

2, check the dog's mouth

It can also be caused by mouth disease (lips, gums, etc.)
You can feed the easy-chewing food or clean the mouth with a tooth stick. But it needs medical treatment and diagnosis of the mouth disease.

3, check the dog's skin

If the skin is red and swollen, etc., it is a skin disease, and it is necessary to seek medical treatment for the right medicine.

4, check the dog's Buttock

It may be that the dog gets the excrement on the hair of the tailor or the leg accidentally when it is in the stool. It will be good to wash it.
If you find the buttock is red, it may be an anal gland. You need to apply erythromycin ointment, and you need to squeeze the anal gland when taking a bath. If the situation is serious, you need to seek medical attention.

Bathing the dog can dispel the smell of the body, but don't wash it too hard, and it has better take bathing once a week in the summer and once every 15 days in the winter. It aims to protect the dog's skin. At washing, do not splash the water into the eyes and ears, do not use perfume, it will stimulate the dog's nose.


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