Did you ever leave your dog alone?

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Did you ever leave your dog alone?

It is a happy and painful thing to have a dog in your life. We enjoy the time with dogs, but human beings have their own lives and it is impossible to spend all their energy on dogs. So, how long should we spend on a dog?

Swiss scientists did a study and published the results in Applied Animal Behaviour Science in 2011. The original intention of the study was to observe the difference in response of the dog when he was at home for a different period of time. The study sample was obtained by watching dogs from different families, at home for half an hour, two hours and four hours later, when the owner returned home.

In each of the samples, the dogs were almost lying all the time. The sample shows that the dog's response to the owner after two hours and four hours of solitude is significantly stronger than that of being alone for half an hour. Their tails are more violently shaken, the body is twisted more vigorously, and the owner's face is more frequently hoped.

What does this research show? I'm afraid we haven't considered it so carefully. Is it because the warmth of the dog's welcoming of the owner is related to the pressure when it is alone? Yes, this is what this research is all about. The violent welcoming behavior indicates that the dog is eager to restore group relationships or one of the manifestations of stress release. Although the study has not yet revealed whether the dog is missing them during the owner's departure, it at least gives everyone a useful understanding - perhaps your dog can be alone for a long time, but does not mean that they feel relaxed No pressure.

There are many professions for accompanying dogs abroad, but there are still many problems in carrying out this business in China. The daycare institutions for dogs are not only scarce but even if they are, the knowledge of dog behavior is still insufficient. Cases of behavioral problems caused by bullying by peers in day-care classes for dogs have also occurred in foreign countries.

Then, is it feasible to raise a dog to be a companion? Sorry, this method may also double the problem. As a parent, all that can be done is to spend as much time as possible with them, especially older dogs, which require such care. If the dog must be alone, it is best to come back to see it in the middle or ask a friend to take care of it. When leaving home, be sure to leave the dog with a bite-sucking toy or some dog chew toys, sniffing the toy, and even arbitrarily removing the bite.

After all, they have no friends so they need more companionship, just like you can't leave a two or three-year-old child alone at home.


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