5 ways to keep your pets healthy this spring

Posted on by Rabbitgoo Official

5 ways to keep your pets healthy this spring

1. Keep your pet stay away from cleaning agents. Many cleaning agents, fertilizers, pesticides, weed-killers, and even mulch can all be dangerous to dogs and cats.

2. Keep him away from wildlife. Creatures large and small are lurking in forests and fields in Spring. If you’re in the habit of walking your dog off-leash, teach him to leave wild animals alone.  This will keep him safe from harm’s way.

3. Keep bugs at bay. As temperatures rise and insects start breeding at high rates, it’s time to ensure your animal is protected. Your dog or cat should be receiving year-round monthly heartworm prevention. If you’ve been off heartworm preventive, be sure to have your pet tested prior to starting.

4. Exercise caution around streams and rivers. Thawing ponds and lakes also pose a risk to off-leash dogs who don’t know any better, so be sure your dog is well trained if you plan to let him roam free.  

5. Get the right gear. High-quality harnesses, portable water bowls, and cool toys are items every dog lover should have on hand. For the more adventurous, doggie backpacks, protective clothing and glasses, life vests, and water toys are available.